I’ve tried leaving it, screen-timing it, weaning myself off it — nothing works

Have you seen the Beatles documentary, “Get Back”? These four men who are known as a cultural unit, these four friends who played together for decades, these members of one tight band — well, they can’t always reach other. “Is George coming?” “I dunno.” “Is John coming?” “I dunno.” And…

Sometimes I feel like I’m living on two different planets

Last week, my husband and I played Pictionary with our little girls after dinner for three consecutive nights. Cards spilled on the floor. Pencil points broke under the pressure of eager, clumsy fingers. The three-year-old refused every assignment: “it’s too…

A Q&A with Jessica DuLong, the freelance editor and writer who was instrumental to the editing of Bad Medicine. This interview was edited for length and clarity.

Author Photo by Hank Gans

Charlotte: Jessica, you’re not just an incredible editor, but also a boat engineer and author. Which one came first, and how do your professions relate to one another?

Jessica: I was always going to be a writer, but I never thought it was something I could actually [do] — and…

My trial partner and friend Peter Kougasian cared deeply about his work — he agonized daily during the four-month trial we conducted together.

The first time I visited Peter in the hospital, I brought a plant. A nurse called out to me from her desk, near his room. “Is that real?” She banned the gift. I left it on a cart outside his room. “Put on a gown,” she ordered. Was it for…

Charlotte Bismuth

Author of “Bad Medicine: Catching New York’s Deadliest Pill Pusher,” former Manhattan ADA , Columbia Law School grad, occasional legal cartoonist.

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